Spousal support, sometimes known as “spousal support,” is the payment that one spouse makes to maintain the well-being of the other spouse in a divorce. Payment may be in the form of a lump sum but is commonly paid in periodic installments. The general principle behind spousal support is that divorce should not impoverish a spouse — the purpose of spousal support is to help each spouse maintain the same lifestyle they enjoyed during the marriage.

Spousal support is granted to a spouse in the case of the following three conditions:

  • If a spouse cannot earn enough to support themselves
  • If a spouse is a child’s primary caregiver
  • If a spouse does not have enough assets to support himself

Spousal support is not optional once it is ordered by a court — once it is established, it must be paid.

Temporary divorce settlements can be set by the court as well. Deviation from the formula is possible but must be justified according to the three conditions mentioned above. Sometimes therapy is necessary. In such case, we recommend seeking Fort Collins marriage counseling services. Here is one group we recommend:

Heart-Centered Counseling of Fort Collins
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How Can Spousal Support Affect Me?

 Good spousal support agreements are ideally mutually agreed, and ensure that no spouse suffers financially from a divorce.

The Difference We Make

Our understanding of family law and spousal support makes us an invaluable resource for any spouse filing for divorce. Many of our resources are experienced in the “discovery,” the legal practice of discovering and investigating assets during the divorce process. We can guarantee maximum equity for both parties. More importantly, we can ensure that our client receives what he or she needs a spousal support agreement, either as the paying spouse or the beneficiary spouse.

We Can Protect Your Family

Divorce, in its most basic form, is the legal action to end a marriage. Unlike in previous decades, divorce does not require a legal justification. Thanks to the “no-fault” divorce laws, no person should be “guilty” of causing the divorce. Instead, anyone in a marriage can leave a marriage because of “irreconcilable differences.” The greatest difficulty in any divorce, even among the most cooperative spouses, is the allocation of property and custody. High-tension situations can arise when deciding who gets what, especially when it comes to spousal support or child custody.

These highly tense situations, especially between couples who have a history of conflict, can erupt into court battles. Our resources do everything possible to avoid these situations.

Many of our attorneys are certified and trained mediators, and others have years of experience negotiating between contentious parties under complex financial and emotional circumstances.

We believe that the best divorce agreements are created cooperatively, not badly.  This is especially true for parents, as children are often the most hurt and traumatized by a painful divorce process.

At our company, our highest priority is to protect children from the emotional wounds that result from a difficult divorce. Many of our resources have been through divorces, either as parents or as children. They are intimately familiar with the injuries that a divorce can inflict on the well-being and unity of a family, and they fight with all their might to facilitate peace in a cooperative environment.

In summary, if you want to get a divorce, we are a solid option that guarantees the most beneficial solutions possible. Our people are highly qualified, made up of some of the largest courts and attorneys in the nation. Our firm is the largest family counseling firm in Colorado — the size of our firm; however, it does not prevent us from giving your case the necessary care and precision. We offer clear guidance in complex situations, cutting through complicated circumstances to achieve the best possible result.

Spousal Support Services In Colorado

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